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Queensland. Department of Education (1970). Public examinations for Queensland secondary school students: Report of the Committee Appointed to Review the system of Public Examinations for Queensland Secondary School Students and to make Recommendations for the Assessment of Students Achievements (Radford Report). Brisbane: Queensland Department of Education.

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Queensland. Board of Secondary School Studies (1978). A review of school-based assessment (ROSBA) in Queensland secondary schools: a report to the Queensland Board of Secondary Studies arising out of a consideration of the implications of the reports 'Schools under Radford' and 'Some consequences of the Radford scheme for schools, teachers and students in Queensland' and of the second report of the Board of Secondary School Studies Standing Committee for the Junior Certificate (Scott Report). Brisbane: Board of Secondary School Studies.
Queensland. Legislative Assembly (1980). Report of the select committee on education in Queensland (Ahern Report). Brisbane: Government Printer.
Queensland. Department of Education (1985) Education 2000: Issues and options for the future of Education in Queensland. A Discussion Paper. Brisbane: Department of Education.

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Queensland. Board of Secondary School Studies (1986-1988). Review of School Based Assessment (ROBSA): Discussion Papers. Brisbane: Board of Secondary Studies.
Queensland. Department of Education (1987). P-10 Curriculum Framework. Brisbane: Department of Education.
Viviani, N. (1990). The review of tertiary entrance in Queensland 1990: Report submitted to the Minister for Education (Viviani Report). Brisbane: Department of Education.
Queensland. Review of the Queensland School Curriculum (1994). Shaping the future: review of the Queensland school curriculum (Wiltshire Report). Brisbane: Government Printer.

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Queensland Studies Authority. (2001). Years 1–10 Curriculum Framework for Education Queensland Schools. Brisbane: Queensland Studies Authority.
Queensland. Department of Education (2002). The Senior Certificate: A New Deal. Brisbane: Education Queensland and the Board of Senior Secondary School Studies.
Queensland. Department of the Premier and Cabinet (2002). Queensland the Smart State:  Education and Training Reforms for the Future. Brisbane: Department of the Premier and Cabinet.
Queensland. Department of Education and the Arts (2005). Queensland Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Framework (QCAR). Brisbane: Department of Education and the Arts.

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