Melbourne Graduate School of Education Curriculum Policies Project

Case Study Analysis: South Australia

1975 | 1985 | 1995  | 2005 | References
In order to further understand the complexity of Australian curriculum policy produced over this period, we have also started to review the policies of specific states in detail as case studies. We began by looking at South Australia and, as part of our analysis, have developed overviews of the state’s curriculum policy for each decade period.

These overviews examine the changes in South Australia’s curriculum policy and culture according to the project questions and provide a detailed summary of curriculum change over the period of review. The overviews for each period, as well as a reference list, can be accessed by clicking on the links above.We hope that this work helps further understanding of the values, knowledge agendas and priorities that are part of South Australia’s curriculum history as well as contributes to broader understanding of Australia’s curriculum history as a whole.

The case study analysis of South Australia and all attached documents were developed by Cherry Collins. As part of her analysis, Cherry has also written a journal article with Lyn Yates entitled Curriculum Policy in South Australia since the 1970s: the quest for commonality, which was published in the Australian Journal of Education, Issue 53 (2), pp. 125-140.


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