Melbourne Graduate School of Education Curriculum Policies Project

Project Outcomes and Outputs

The project had two main agendas:

  1. to gain a perspective on changing policy conceptualizations of Australian curriculum (knowledge/ student/academic/vocational) over the decades from 1975 to 2005; and
  2. to gain a perspective on state differences in values and approach in these decades prior to the formation of the National Curriculum Board.

It aimed to produce resources that other scholars and students might access that brought together the story of these decades across Australia; and it aimed to develop an interpretive account of the significance of its findings for the field of curriculum.

The project findings are summarized under the following headings

  1. Curriculum resources and the problem of writing about curriculum in Australia
  2. Curriculum Trajectory 1975-2005
  3. Curriculum and State Differences

Some of these findings were intended aims of the project – for example, changing conceptions of knowledge over the period of the study. Some of our findings were not intended – the amount of groundwork that has to be done in even bringing together the resources from which we might study our own history of curriculum in Australia. Work we have done in relation to this latter problem helps to elucidate some of the conceptual difficulties, some of the practical difficulties, and to make available here some resources on which we hope further researchers might build.

A complete list of the publications arising from this project is also available.

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