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Many thanks to the students of 'Creative Projects: Digital Technologies for these great contributions.


BBC - The Virtual Revolution - Home
An open and collaborative documentary about the way the web is changing our lives


Australianscreen is operated by the National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA). The NFSA is the national audiovisual archive, collecting, preserving and sharing the nation’s moving image and recorded sound heritage. It is a promotional and educational resource providing worldwide online access to information about the Australian film and television industry.



Melbourne independent filmmakers a website devoted to indie filmmakers
The aim of this site is to provide some documentation about the myriad independent filmmakers that have existed, and continue to exist, in Melbourne, as this information seems to be sorely lacking on the web. The site is built and maintained by Bill Mousoulis (see his home page for quotes and reflections).
Master list of many Melbourne independent filmmakers


Some Films to Watch-Eleven Films that are not Terribly Annoying
The films of Chris Windmill are quietly mad. His films begin from the charming, irritating minutiae of everyday experience - shopping, cleaning shoes, hanging out the washing, going for a picnic in the park - and enlarge them into magnificent, terrifying obsessions. Windmill’s ever-modest heroes and heroines live for no higher purpose than to fill out the days and minutes of their ordinary lives. As a consequence, every imaginable flight of poetry is concentrated in these little activities.


Girl in a Mirror: A Portrait of Carol Jerrems
Carol Jerrems (1949–1980) was an Australian photographer famous for producing the iconic image Vale Street. She documented the counter-culture spirit of Melbourne in the 1970s.


The National Portrait Gallery aims to increase the understanding of the Australian people – their identity, history, creativity and culture – through portraiture.


“is a social media project developed by ABC Radio National. It's a place to share your creative work with the Pool community and ABC producers - upload music, photos, videos, documentaries, interviews, animations and more. It's a collaborative space where audiences become makers.”


StrangerFestival is an online and offline platform for self-made videos made by young people on issues that matter to them.


‘Very Nice Very Nice’ (Lipsett 1961)
“Arthur Lipsett made an impressive series of collage films during his lifetime. He began his collages under the employment of the National Film Board of Canada. During a sound workshop, he was given the assignment to tell a story by editing together found sound materials. Lipsett took the assignment further by editing images to the sound collage he created. The result was to become Very Nice Very Nice, sharing his view of the phantasmagoria of a world he saw around him”.


Create astonishing presentations live and on the web


Mixing Mind and Metaphor - Talk by James Geary, given at TED Global 2009 July
Prezi was co-created by James and Adam Somlai-Fischer.
See the related talk on TED


Playing to Learn?
Children love to learn, but at some point they lose that and become adults that don't like formal learning.
Let's explore why "play" has gotten ...


Scale of the Universe
Name speaks for itself. Puts it all into perspective.


Adobe Youth Voices Essentials is a set of open curricula and resources for educators to create breakthrough learning experiences for young people. Based on the best practices of the Adobe Youth Voices program, the Adobe Foundation's signature philanthropy initiative, these tools help empower youth to "create with purpose."


Youth Voices provides breakthrough learning experiences using video, multimedia, digital art, web, animation, and audio tools that enable youth to explore and comment on their world.
Visit the gallery


Adobe TV
Online video resource for expert instruction and inspiration about Adobe products.


The Noise global creative community is a social networking website which connects emerging artists by offering free online galleries in which they can showcase their works to a global audience.  These galleries are also viewed by industry leaders within many creative disciplines.  The website is a not-for-profit initiative of the Australian Federal Government and distinctive in that it offers a free and accessible space for many young creative’s to showcase their works in a format that facilitates feedback from other creative individuals.  The NOISE Global Creative Community constitutes an excellent example of how the internet can inspire and expose creativity, and build creative relationships on a global scale.


The Favourite Website awards
This website judges and links to the most innovative, creative, inspirational and technically advanced websites on the internet. It’s one of the most highly esteemed of website awards. Though not so creative itself, I find it inspirational because it links to such fantastic websites. Most of the sites are flash sites, which incorporate video, animation and interaction.  The FWA features a site of the day every day, as well as winners in numerous categories. It also features interviews with web developers and designers. It attempts to make the experience fun, focusing on incredibly innovative, interactive and creative websites, as opposed to focusing on the awards themselves. It also promotes user-submitted content by allowing members of the public to submit their own websites which are then rated by other users.


On the website an individual can have fun by selecting a video-clip option and personalising it for their own enjoyment. It uses a photo shop –like editing panel where one can crop a head out of a photo they upload, and edit the size and angle in order to make their head suit the character. Most of the video clips use stop-animation combined with cartoon animation.
A similar website to this is 'the Ugly Dance', where again you get a photo of your friends face and stick it on a cartoon dancing puppet


Hitrecord was created by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, most recognized for his roles in '500 Days of Summer,' and most recently, 'Inception.' Started in 2005, this website is a professional open collaboration production company. It creates and develops art and media collaboratively here on this website. Rather than just exhibiting and admiring other people's work as Gordon-Levitt puts it, as 'isolated individuals,' Hitrecord allows anyone to join and collectively work on projects together. There is a variety of artistic forms people can work on, such as video, writing, photography, music and art. This website is accessible to anyone with the internet, all you have to do is join the website and become a member, which is free! It is a website where you work with others to create a medium and then exhibit it.


Digital Art Youth Program
This website promotes the exploration of literacy and youth development through using arts and computer technology in a collaborative way. The webpage features a simple but effective graphic display with interactive web link buttons. The mission of the Digital Art Youth Program is to create and enhance learning environments through the use of digital technologies and computer based art. This program is founded on the belief that art and technology have the ability to transform personal growth in youth.
Created by Paul Neave, a British Interaction Designer, is an interactive website full of games, ‘tools and toys’ for Internet users.  This fun and simple site invites users to participate through its interactive interface, its key features including remakes of famous games, webcam effects, and the ability to channel surf Neave television, which is filled with strange bewildering clips (Clearly living up to its tag line of ‘Telly with no context!’).


The Hype Machine is a website, launched in 2005, that accumulates recently posted songs from various music blogs (approximately 1,500 different blogs), and lists and stores them.  These songs can then be played from ‘the Hype Machine’ and one can search for a particular band or key word – the results then form a ‘playlist’ of music.  The idea behind The Hype Machine was to accumulate all the music being blogged about and uploaded for the public in one, easy to access location. 


Word Play
Word Play is an interactive poetry program on the BBC Arts website. By choosing words from set lists, you can arrange them together to make your own, unique poem.
The site offers examples of other people’s poems that have been completed using the program. The program itself pops up in a new window when you click a link. The DIY poetry kit is based around 4 sets of words associated with different themes – Romance, Nature, Sci-Fi and Gothic. There is also a set of “Handy” words. You can choose a background to read your poem against, and once you’re done you can email it to yourself or a friend.


"Big Bang Big Boom"
Blu is a stop-motion graffiti artist who creates animation videos which are now well-know throughout the creative industry. At first glance, his  images appear to simply be a crude sketch, however these 2-Dimensional images quickly transform to amazing stop-motion pieces.
This is his latest work and has themes of evolution, life cycle etc throughout the video.


Melbourne Filmoteca Trailer
Melbourne Filmoteca is a non-profit organization screening Spanish, Portugese and Latin American Films monthly at ACMI, for whom I do volunteer work. Sponsors change yearly and Filmoteca often has to update their trailer to accommodate these changes - this time around I worked on it. The trailer is broken down into 4 parts. First the ACMI trailer, followed by a philosophical little clip of a garden sprinkler dispersing water with the words ʻMelbourne Filmotecaʼ superimposed on it and a background recording of commentary on a football match playing simultaneously with “Latino” music.


We are the Image Makers
We are the image makers, is an online space for talented, established and emerging, Australian Artists, Illustrators, Designers and Photographs, to showcase their works. The talent is published in an online magazine, which includes interviews with these creative minds. To support the Australian creative industry the site connects their audience directly to local artists, exhibitions and other creative sites.


SoundCloud is a free digital platform where creators can share music and audio online. The platform provides simple and fast access that allows artists/musicians to send, receive, promote, collaborate and distribute their music. In addition SoundCloud promotes the discovery and exposure of artists, musicians and bands to each other, music lovers, web voyeurs & music industry /record label professionals.
I use a SoundCloud account to collaborate with friends and to exchange music, audio samples and ideas that we have put together. We are able to easily download each other’s tracks and rework, remix, and recreate them using other music-based programs such as Ableton Live. I have found this kind of creative exchange has been a productive and highly influential creative process. allows the maximum amount of imagination and presentation can be achieved by using digital technology. It also helps to mix different types of art and contributes to an new form of media and communication style. In this video, a range of artistic work like 2D graphic design, animation, 3D modelling technology and traditional movie ( (able to present complicated concepts graphically, to create a really effect using light, captures attention, easier to alter the scenes and re-creating. Soft wares for example 3dsmax, flash, daz studio) can been seen everywhere as a good example. Further more, the electronically produced music is related with digital technology by using music soft wares and embellishment (easier for altering, storage and keep the best quality, access to various sources of sound, increases the creational thinking and the flexibility of composition. Soft wares for example garage band, FL studio, Sonar). It is a typical computer generated visual media which has entered and effecting our daily.


Google SketchUp V7
Sketchup V7 is a Google created 3D modeling program that can be used to create, modify and share 3D designs. This freeware program is available online, and can be downloaded in minutes (only 37.1MB). It is an extremely user friendly sketch design interface, which, generally speaking does not compromise on function. Without previous knowledge and competency in other Computer Assisted Drawing software, users can quickly design almost any three dimensional object or building they can imagine.


Unearthed is triple j’s initiative to support unsigned musicians and provide opportunities to those artists who show the most potential. Its a platform to upload and share your music and to review that of others as well as for other randoms to listen to, review and download your music.


Christophe Huet website
Christophe Huet is a French photographic re-toucher and master of digital manipulation. He creates digital art and photography to make surreal images that fall somewhere between the real world and a dream world full of imagination and surprise. His website shows many pieces of his work and you have the option to view a slideshow or explore his work by yourself.


OK Go - This Too Shall Pass (Music Video)
During one of our first Creative Projects classes, Andrew had showed us a music video by Ok Go to the song “This too shall pass”, the one with the marching band. The band Ok Go actually did two music videos for the same song  “This too shall pass”. A bit like their most famous video, “Here It Goes Again”, the one with the treadmills, this video utilises the one-sequence shot. Amazing!!


A New Way to Reinforce Learning in the Primary Grades
BrainPOP Jr. was created to help introduce, explain, and review difficult concepts to students in grades K-3 using animated videos, tutorials, games, and tests.  This website uses a variety of American national and state curriculum standards and content to create videos, quizzes, and tutorials for students and lesson plans, graphic organizers, and more for teachers.  There is a wide variety of curriculum-based content that covers a variety of subjects ranging from Math to English and Health to Art.  This site has many positive aspects that help to engage learning.


guimp - world's smallest website
When shopping for a computer, the resolution that is capable to be displayed by the monitor has always followed one general rule, the higher the better. With the introduction of the HD standard, resolution of a mainstream display today is as high as 1920x1200. While the apple fans are again spending their money on the new iphone which has an amazing high resolution that makes its user interface "super crisp", many of us might start to wonder, how much of this "resolution" thing do we really need?


Midomi – search for songs with your own voice
Midomi is a website where you can search for songs by recording 10 or more seconds of your own singing. In the search result page you can see details of the song, as well as its music video from youtube and mp3 download link from itunes.    


AllMusic is a website to find information about musicians, bands and in particular, their albums. The site has an almost too comprehensive search function, containing hundreds of artists, from well known stars to more obscure figures and even oft-uncredited session musicians. Extensive biographies and discographies are available for artists and most albums are reviewed and given a score out of 5 stars.


High-Speed Photography
This photo was shown on the cover of New York Times Magazine for a special food issue. The photograph was taken by a German photographer Jasper Nance who fires projectiles through the food to capture motion and action while also showing the precise moment of impact. The photo is quite aesthetic and very beautiful.


It's interactive, in the same vein as Garageband, that is giving music composition a more intuitive interface. And it's great fun to play with. There are also quite a few videos on youtube of people getting quite creative with it.


Infinite Oz
Infinite Oz is an online, interactive flash animation that was used as a promotional tool for a 6-hour mini-television series called Tin Man which was produced in late 2007 by RHI Entertainment and SciFi Channel Original Pictures. Tin Man is basically a modern remake of The Wizard of Oz. The final website and all its designs were designed by nine acclaimed international artists and is a collaboration that brings to life the story of the Tin Man.


John Marsden’s Website
John Marsden, author of the Tomorrow series and various other well-known books has this website for his large network of fans and people wanting to know more about him and his books. On the website, there are “bookmarks” or “tabs” in the book with various links where fans can look up book titles, ask questions, read John Marsden’s biography and follow his blog.


Sodaplay is an interesting, collaborative environment in which users can build ‘interactive creations’ - two dimensional wireframe bodies which move according to the interaction of various muscles or springs. More technically, Sodaplay is a Java based physics engine. Because of the relatively simplistic nature of the tools involved, the user simply draws
line which spring back and fourth once the ‘Play’ button is pressed, there is an enormous number of possible creations. When completed, these creations can then be shared with and edited by anyone who uses the site so that Sodaplay essentially becomes an interactive workspace.


Stop Motion Animation and SketchUp
Stop motion is an animation that involves taking multiple photo frames of an object which moves in small increments between frames. When the frames are played, the small increments create and illusion of movement. In the video, the movement involves adding objects into the photo frame, making the object grow. As the photo frames are essentially multiple images, there are opportunities to further take stop motion animation into the digital realm. SketchUp is a 3D modeling program often used by architects and other design professionals. This program allows us to create a 3 dimensional object on the computer which aids us in visualizing the object. As it is a modeling program, it does not facilitate animation and thus, unable to show movement in the object.


“is a resource that monitors and influences color trends. COLORlovers gives the people who use color - whether for ad campaigns, product design, or in architectural specification - a place to check out a world of color, compare color palettes, submit news and comments, and read color related articles and interviews.”
colourlovers beta
A free web tool for artists


Creativity and Cognition Studios
“Creativity and Cognition Studios (CCS) in an internationally recognised multi-disciplinary environment for the advancement and understanding of practice in digital media and the arts. It provides nationally and internationally recognised artists and technologists with a space in which to collaborate, experiment and create, as equal partners, in practice-based research.”


“is the complete package for creating animated movies - easy to use for novices and fully-featured for advanced moviemakers”.


The One Million Masterpiece
“How can you create a true snapshot of our global society, and sum up its diversity in one single picture? Simple. Get together one million ordinary people from all around the world, and get them to work on the picture together in the world's largest ever artistic collaboration. A collaboration where everyone is equal, where all outcomes are valid.”


Centre for Digital storytelling, creativity and play

Socialnomics: A Real Trend Or Just Another Video Statistic


John Pearce's Digistories, a wiki all about creating and sharing digital stories.
Comical Things


Digital Students @ Analog Schools - Teachertube


How to Make a Movie - Wikihow


WordSift is a tool that was created primarily for teachers. Mainly, think of it playfully - as a toy in a linguistic playground that is available to instantly capture and display the vocabulary structure of texts, and to help create an opportunity to talk and play with language.


Mudfest11: Melbourne University student union arts festival 2009
NEW! Mudfest11—'Hidden Spaces' Exposed!


Creativity Wikipedia


VCA Collaborative Common – “Collaborative Commons is a 100% free web service that supports artists with the creative development of their projects. It is designed specifically to support people wanting to engage in creative, interpretative and critical art practices.”


Adobe Premiere
real-time video editing software


Rotoscope is a free software rotoscoping application that can be used to give photos a cartoon-like appearance. This is similar to the technique used in movies such as Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly.


‘Waking Life’ a film by Richard Linklater
“is a digitally enhanced live action rotoscoped film, directed by Richard Linklater and made in 2001. The entire film was shot using digital video and then a team of artists using computers drew stylized lines and colors over each frame.”
Excerpt– ‘Dreams for Free’


‘Muffin Films’ by Amy Winfrey
a series of flash animation videos


‘The Red Earth Series’ by Kerry John Andrews
“Kerry John Andrews is an artist, composer, designer and freelance lecturer in the history of art and design. He has exhibited continuously since 1983 in Britain, Europe and the USA. Andrews has been working in various media since the early 1980's and particularly in digital and musical/sound forms throughout the 90's.”


By answering our image-based quizzes you too can find out more about yourself. You’ll receive some fascinating insights into what kind of person you are, and we’ll match you to thousands of other people who we think you’re likely to like.”


Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
An independent internet video production produced during the American Writers Guild Strike


Pivot Stickfigure Animator
“is a unique software, that allows you to create stick figure animations easily and without any artistic skills”


‘Kiwi’ by Dony Permedi
a masters thesis animation by a student of The School of Visual Arts, MFA Computer Art, in New York City


‘Dandelion of Screws’ by Andre Kutscherauer
an image created using 3D digital rendering


The Gruen Transfer’s Consumer’s Revenge
“If you've ever felt overwhelmed by the 24-hour-a-day, over-branded world we live in, here's your chance to fight back. The Gruen Transfer gives you the opportunity to create your own ads.”


Digital Storytelling
Digital storytelling is the process of sharing personal stories through the use of digital expression together with digital media like photos, artwork, animations, sound and music.
Examples of Digital Storytelling


iLife Training - Digital Stories  Digital Storytelling Guide Creating a digital story


Sony Acid Express
Free download. Similar to Garageband for PC


Resource site for Sony Acid music software


‘Be the Hero You Are!’
‘Comic Life lets you create astounding comics, beautiful picture albums, how-tos... and more! The easy-to-use interface integrates seamlessly with your photo collection or iSight. Drag in your pictures, captions, Lettering text ('ka-blam!') and speech balloons and your work is done!’


Tux Paint
Tux Paint is a free, award-winning drawing program for children ages 3 to 12 (for example, preschool and K-6 in the US, key stages 1 & 2 in the UK). It combines an easy-to-use interface, fun sound effects, and an encouraging cartoon mascot who guides children as they use the program. ‘Kids are presented with a blank canvas and a variety of drawing tools to help them be creative’.


This program makes it easy to create stick-figure animations. You can build your own stick figures and load your own backgrounds. The animations can be saved as animated gifs to be used on web pages.
An example animation is included.


Journal of Digital Contents
International quarterly journal about the management, presentation and uses of contents in digital environments.


European Telematic Network for Education
Computers in Musical Education
Uk Education Music ICT curriculum support page


iLife is a suite of multimedia software applications created by Apple Inc., designed for Mac OS X. These programs are used to create, organize, view and publish digital content, such as pictures, movies, music, and web pages. iLife '08, released in August 2007, consists of five applications: iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand and iWeb. iLife in the Classroom With iLife, students have everything they need to create and share compelling, media-rich projects — including photo books, documentaries, podcasts, websites, and more. iLife empowers students with the tools of their generation, providing a natural and engaging way for students to express their knowledge — in music or any subject are
ILife resources, examples:
Garageband resources, examples:
Examples of music projects using iLife


My Space– Social and musical networking site


How to Make a Short Film with No Budget (and Questionable Talent)


antonio torres
educator, producer, media artist, consultant stay curious + stay hungry + be creative


BBC Telling Lives

Digital Stories



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