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The six topics studied in year 8


This site has an extensive array of resourses for classroom music teachers including schemes of work, composition projects, scores and midi and wav files, advice on using Sibelius and Garageband, Keyboards in the Classroom, a hands on Renaisance unit- and on and on. The Music Teachers Resource site- now free for everyone!


The resources on this page have been created by the Tabor Adelaide music lecturing staff. They may be freely used but we ask that you acknowledge the author. Those marked as SACE stage 1 or 2 are suitable for the South Australian Certificate of Education courses.



Music at School
‘Finding good music resources and links on the web can be a troublesome task’. Extensive resource bank of lesson plans classroom activities and worksheets across secondary school year levels.


Classroom listening and excercises and quizes


Music Education Madness

Check out this site for some 'great' free downloads, including teaching aids and musical gizmos! There scores, powerpoints,midi files and so on, all donated by practicing teachers in UK schools.




This site profiles Australian ‘experimental’ instruments.
'Why do people start building their own unique musical instruments? Tom Waits tells it that ‘most instruments are square and music is always round’. Round music needs rounder instruments. Musical styles emerge and evolve, and so too do the instruments we build and play. Each shapes the other. Experimentation is part of our musical tradition'.
Clatterbox is run by Sean Bridgeman, and is based in Melbourne, Australia.


PANDORA- music pages

Pandora, Australia's Web Archive, is a growing collection of Australian online publications, established initially by the National Library of Australia in 1996, and now built in collaboration with nine other Australian libraries and cultural collecting organisations.

The name, PANDORA, is an acronym that encapsulates our mission: Preserving and Accessing Networked Documentary Resources of Australia.


Musical Futures: Resources
Musical Futures: Major UK intiative bringing instrumental music into the classroom

musicalt pad


The Orchestra- on line unit of work from Music Quest (UK)
Fantastic and extensive classroom resource


Classroom Music Resources from Redden Court School

Must see! Mainly for Secondary but easily adapted for Primary. This site brings together extensive high quality classroom music learning and teaching materials. From Medieval to Contemporary, Singing and Musical Theatre, from World Music to Pop to ICT, this has it all. The site is the work of musician and Head of Music at reddon Court School in England Paul Hazelgrove-Spurin.


The Music Page

The Music Page is an Australian based company dedicated to two related propositions:

  1. The world’s best performances should be available to anyone, anytime, anywhere – over the internet.
  2. The best in music education should be available over the internet, to anyone, anytime, anywhere from the world’s best teachers!


Music Education is a database of music education resources build specifically for generalist and specialist music teachers in Australian schools. The website was established in February, 2010 by the Music Council of Australia.


Waynes Classroom
Classical Music aventure theme park!


Music Education Technology - Lesson plans for Teacher, Educators of Music
Music Education Technology is an extensive website that has a range of website links, activities and lesson plans.


Sound Junction
An award winning interactive music technology and composing site that features lesson plans and online activities.


Apple Learning Interchange - Garageband
The Apple Learning Interchange features the iLife software suite being used in the work of students and teachers from a range of different schools in the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia.

appleinterchange website


AMUSE VCE Resources
VCE Student Activities and Resources by the Association of Music Educators (Victoria) activities and articles.


Teacher Curriculum for Music
A collection of resources, lesson plans, rubrics, ideas and games for music teachers


Pandora Presents… the Musicology show
A series of podcasts that explores musicology of instrumentation, composition, rhythm, singing and music styles.


World Music Training
An education site that explores various aspects of world music. Covering Balinese, Arabic, Indian, West African and Andean music and instruments.


Bali & Beyond
The website of a performing arts company ‘inspired by the cultures of Indonesia. Features audio and video files on gamalan and resources about music and the arts.


Connexions: Extensive US site with lots of music education materialslow are just examples.
Music Fundamentals 1: Pitch and Major Scales and Keys
Germanic Music - Folk Songs
Kotekan: A Cooperative Music Activity
Talking Drums


Music teachers resource site
‘Many valuable resources of a high quality!’. Check the links page of this one.


Berklee Shares
Berklee Shares is an electronic publishing initiative of Berklee College of Music. Its goal is to provide free access to faculty-authored Berklee music lessons designed for musicians, music students, and music educators. The Web site is a library of free music lessons that are available for downloading, listening, viewing, or reading.

barklee site


Classics for Kids
A fantastic website that features the work of different composers to expose and interest students in classical music and includes teacher resources that incorporate various musical philosophies such as Kodaly and Orff.


National Review of School Music Education
‘National Review of School Music Education’ by the Australian DEEW in pdf and word formats.


DSOkids - Dallas Symphony Orchestra
The DSOkids website provides lots of activities, resources and information in its separate Teacher and Student websites.


Ricci Adams'
A collections of tutorials, drills, training and resources for developing musical theory.


My Guitar Solo
My Guitar solo is one for the real aficionados of guitar. It is ‘dedicated to guitar players who want to improve their guitar technique, to add some new chops to their repertoire, to learn guitar scales or improvisation’. The exercises inside include the basic craft, skills and techniques of the solo guitar. In fact you will find an impressive warm up regime, hundreds of scales and modes with midi files and Tabs, over 300 guitar riffs in many Jazz and Blues styles, a range of arpeggios, and numerous improvisation backing tracks covering various Blues and Jazz forms. The site itself is so comprehensive it takes a while to navigate through, so give yourself some time to play with this one.


Now Play It - Free Content Guitar Chords & Video Tutorial
Free online video tutorial, chords and lessons using pop and rock music.


The New York Philharmonic Kidzone
A fantastic resource for composition, orchestration, music technology activities for young students


Big Ears
Big Ears is an online ear trainer with drills aimed to increase aural musical skills.


This is a fantastic site that covers the characteristics and history of Jazz. Including artist profiles, musical theory, virtual instruments, discussions about the reflections of American race relations through Jazz and many links to other fantastic websites; this is the accompanying PBS website for the award-winning ‘Jazz’ documentary series by Ken Burns.


The Blues
The Blues website is part of a multi-media celebration that raises awareness of the blues and its contribution to American culture and music worldwide. Executive produced by Martin Scorsese, The Blues includes both a film and audio series that are featured on this PBS website.


Philharmonia Orchestra: The Sound Exchange
An extensive site that explores the full gamut of musical experiences including skill training, listening guides, lessons, multimedia, instrument information and many other activities and resources.


The MIDI Isthmus Interactive Scale Tutor
An "interactive scale tutorial for honing musical understanding skills" that show the construction and sound of many scales and modes.


Putumayo Kids Teacher Tools
A collection of world music cds and accompanying teacher guides for teaching children African, Brazilian and Hawaiian music.


SFS Kids - Fun with Music
The kids website of the San Francisco Symphony


Educating with Sibelius
This website provides lesson plans and resource materials that can be used with the Sibelius range of software as well as informative videos about how Sibelius and music technology can be used in the classroom.


Sound Rights
A British site that has online lessons and activities to help students develop song-writing skills as well as how the music industry works.


A division of Korg USA, Sound tree has lesson plans for various topics and subject areas with complete instructions and related files. There is also a collection of articles about music education.


Educational Music Links
A fantastic number of lesson plans, articles and resources for various links and resources for various styles, genres, instruments and music skills compiled by Redden Court School in Essex, UK.


Music Education Articles
A collection of online articles about music education that include activities and lessons.


Music Education Videos - Teachers TV
Music education videos that cover all aspects of teaching, enjoying and engaging with music. Shows lessons, activities, strategies and experiences.


Teacher Curriculum for Music
A collection of resources, lesson plans, rubrics, ideas and games for music teachers.


The Times Educational Supplement (UK)
A teacher website that has various music resources, lesson plans and articles.


Vermont MIDI Project
This site has information on how it teams students up with composers, lesson plans about music composition and samples from a range of students' works.


Vocalist - Singing Teachers Resource
‘...Contains free online singing lessons, learn to sing with articles on voice / auditions / performing or working in the music industry. Includes articles for singing teachers and students of voice of all ages, standards and styles. Browse the site to find useful information on aspects of voice, singing, performance, plus free online singing lessons and voice training articles for vocalists related to singing and getting into the music industry.’


Music Tech Teacher
The website of K. Garret a Music Technology teacher from Birmingham, Alabama. Contains examples of music technology in the class, quizzes, lessons and activities.


Oxfam Education - Global Music Lesson Plans
A free education resource by the charity Oxfam, this website contains a collection of 20 stand alone lesson plans to teach ‘music from around the globe’ to 5-16 year old students.


Michael Furstner’s Australian Jazclass website has free lessons about music theory, jazz, piano and saxophone as well as a collection of articles, MP3s, and play-a-longs.


Smithsonian Jazz Class
Student and teacher resources that teach Jazz skills and appreciation through oral histories, lessons, games, activities and articles. This page also includes lesson plans for teachers.


Smithsonian Folkways lesson plans



PBS Public Broadcasting Service (USA)


BBC Musical Activities and lesson plans for 4-11
BBC Musical Activities and lesson plans for 11-16+


Arts Alive: The National Arts Centre Orchestra in Ottawa - Instrument Lab

Go to Strings and view “virtual violin”; listen to the violin
Go to string interview – hear the demonstration.
Go to other instruments that interest you.
Go Activities & Games – name the instruments… what happens when you get one wrong?
Try composing music


Contemporary Art music portal: Music

Contemporary Art music portal: Composers


Orff, Kodally lesson plans resources


'The One Stop Service Station for the UK Education Super-Highway.' Again lots and lots of links.


Electric Blues
This is a huge music education site with hundreds of links. Worth a good look.


The Essentials of Music
Go to Glossary – choose “B” – scroll down to Brass Family – play the example


Learn To Haka
What music class would be complete without a Haka?



LinkTV - World Music
Last but not least don’t forget the extensive and exceedingly high quality selections of “World Music videos’ online- with Link TV (TV without borders) and the phenomenal National Geographic web site World Music channel.


National Geographic - World Music



K-12 Resources For Music Educators
Valuable resources for music educators and students of all areas and educational levels. Regularly updated.
For over fifteen years, the most visited and valued music education resource website available internationally.
Carefully researched and commercial free. Domains: and


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