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Here is a selection of secondary music websites. Other secondary resources can be found in their respective areas of the Music Education Portal.


Classroom Music Resources
Brilliant! Must see! Mainly for Secondary but easily adapted for Primary


Sound Junction
An award winning interactive music technology and composing site that features lesson plans and online activities.


AMUSE VCE Resources
VCE Student Activities and Resources by the Association of Music Educators (Victoria) activities and articles.


Ricci Adams'
A collections of tutorials, drills, training and resources for developing musical theory.



Big Ears
Big Ears is an online ear trainer with drills aimed to increase aural musical skills.


This is a fantastic site that covers the characteristics and history of Jazz. Including artist profiles, musical theory, virtual instruments, discussions about the reflections of American race relations through Jazz and many links to other fantastic websites; this is the accompanying PBS website for the award-winning ‘Jazz’ documentary series by Ken Burns.


The Blues
The Blues website is part of a multi-media celebration that raises awareness of the blues and its contribution to American culture and music worldwide. Executive produced by Martin Scorsese, The Blues includes both a film and audio series that are featured on this PBS website.


Philharmonia Orchestra: The Sound Exchange
An extensive site that explores the full gamut of musical experiences including skill training, listening guides, lessons, multimedia, instrument information and many other activities and resources.


The MIDI Isthmus Interactive Scale Tutor
An "interactive scale tutorial for honing musical understanding skills" that show the construction and sound of many scales and modes.


Educating with Sibelius
This website provides lesson plans and resource materials that can be used with the Sibelius range of software as well as informative videos about how Sibelius and music technology can be used in the classroom.


Sound Rights
A British site that has online lessons and activities to help students develop song-writing skills as well as how the music industry works.


Music Videos - Teachers TV
Music Education videos that cover all aspects of teaching, enjoying and engaging with music.

Teacher TV UK: Teacher Trainee
The Trainee Teacher Hub has videos, tips and groups to get you started in your teaching career, whether you're a PGCE, GTP or Teach First teacher.


Secondary Newly Qualified Teachers - Classroom Management
An NQT gets advice on how to improve her classroom management

They Didn't Teach Me That - Classroom Management
A trainee teacher gets some help managing her classes


The Guardian | Education | Teachers TV podcast
A great portal into Teachers TV video’s which allows downloads


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