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Interactive Audio Links on the Web
What is striking here is the interactive interface. Huge and extensive set of links. Mind bogglingly brilliant with an emphasis on contemporary art music and the interface between visual art and music. O'Boyle describes it as "an interactive music video". Repertoire includes works by Phillip Glass Jean-Luc Lamarque, Jason Freeman, Vera Sylvia Bighetti, James Tindall


Play! Making Tracks - BBC Performing Group
Various games that involve playing Macromedia Flash Virtual instruments including playing gamelans from different countries and saving Peer Gynt from trolls.


‘Foxy Dancer’s dance game'
A macromedia flash game aimed at young children


Sound Junction
An award winning interactive music technology and composing site.


Bobby McFerrin "Don't Worry Be Happy"
The interactive game on famous acapella musician, Bobby McFerrin, allows students to create their own arrangement of his famous 'Don't Worry Be Happy' by choosing which parts to add to their orchestration.


San Francisco Symphony Orchestra for kids (fun with music!)
The kids website of the San Francisco Symphony
Try the ‘Composerizer’, ‘Performulator’, and the ‘Harmonizor’. Fabulous fun!


Classics for Kids
A fantastic website that features the work of different composers to expose and interest students in classical music and includes teacher resources that incorporate various musical philosophies such as Kodaly and Orff.


DSOkids - Dallas Symphony Orchestra - Music, fun & games
The DSOkids website provides lots of activities, resources and information in its separate Teacher and Student websites.


Science of Music: Exploratorium's Accidental Scientist
Online 'exhibits' and activities that explore the science of music. flash, ICT, Games, composition, primary, secondary, science, interdisciplinary.


This is a fantastic site that covers the characteristics and history of Jazz. Including artist profiles, musical theory, virtual instruments, discussions about the reflections of American race relations through Jazz and many links to other fantastic websites; this is the accompanying PBS website for the award-winning ‘Jazz’ documentary series by Ken Burns.


The Blues
The Blues anchors a multi-media celebration that raises awareness of the blues and its contribution to American culture and music worldwide.” Executive produced by Martin Scorsese, includes both a film and audio series that are featured on this PBS website.


Philharmonia Orchestra: The Sound Exchange
An extensive site that explores the full gamut of musical experiences including skill training, listening guides, lessons, mulitimedia, instument information and many other activities and resources


The MIDI Isthmus Interactive Scale Tutor
An "interactive scale tutorial for honing musical understanding skills" that show the construction and sound of many scales and modes.


Educating with Sibelius
This website provides lesson plans and resource materials that can be used with the Sibelius range of software as well as informative videos about how Sibelius and music techology can be used in the classroom.


Sound Rights
A British site that has online lessons and activities to help students develop song-writing skills as well as how the music industry works.


Teacher Curriculum for Music
A collection of resources, lesson plans, rubrics, ideas and games for music teachers


In Bb 2.0 by Darren Solomon (USA)
20 Youtube videos arranged in a 5x4 grid. Play them as you please, in any combination. Each one consists of a different instrument and different recording in Bb (B flat). Feel free to join in and play along.


Pixel by Pixel by Frédéric Durieu, Jean-Jacques Birgé, and Kristine Malden (France)
The visuals are simple, excellent, and you exercise subtle but audible influence on the music as you move the mouse and occasionally click. The relation between the audio and the visual is subtle and intriguing. Also, as audio (de) composition, this is rich.


Pianographique by Jean-Luc Lamarque (France)
Keyboard and mouse controlled aural/visual interactivity. This project has been ongoing for several years; a new piece is added at least once a year. Action packed and full of surprises.


Pianolina by David Krause, Volker Bertelmann, Fons Hickmann, and Simon Gallus (Germany)
From the Grotrian piano company. Piano notes are represented by coloured squares that you drag and drop into a sound space affected by gravity. Play around with tunes from Beethoven, E. Satie and F. Loh. or deconstruct your own!


Pâte à Son by Le Ciel Est Bleuon an initiative of the Cité de la Musique. The Pâte à Son is a sound toy and compositional tool conceived to encourage musical experimentation. Drag instruments, switches, and transporter pipes from the conveyor belt to the checkerboard above to make music. Rotate the pieces. Choose a melody. Change pitch, tempo and volume to fine-tune your composition.


Mytune=Mypollock by CJ Yehs (USA/Taiwan)
Select a colour. Then use the keyboard (Q,W,E,R,T,Y,U,I) to create a tune and a Pollockish bitmap.


Blonk Organ by Jaap Blonk and friends (Netherlands)
Japp Blonk is a famous sound poet and writer. This work is from 1997, making it one of the first interactive sound poems on the Web.


Musical Games

The Beatbox DJ Mixer
is an interactive music console by ‘Blob’. ‘While sitting at your computer and using your mouse and keyboard, why should you all of a sudden just sit there while the computer plays at you. We believe that music delivered to computers via the Internet should also be in a format that allows you to play with the music.’


‘Cmapm’ Help two colourful alien DJ cartoon characters mix a wild tune or two. You can even dance and sing along. You might even learn a new language. (You need to close the pop up Advertcovering the main screen first).


Global grooving is a loop mixing game with a diiference. Mix syles and instruments from a selection of world music cultures including China Brazil and the Middle East.



Virtual drums Here you’ll find four ‘virtual drum kits to play around with.


Make your own music game Just choose four musicians playing different instruments from a broad selection, drag them on to the stage then mix each on to create music.


Indian Music Mixer This is my favorite.


Classic music sites for children

Exploratorium’s website provides online exhibitions and videos about the science of music. The site also answers scientific questions about music and sound such as: ‘Why does some music give me goose bumps?’. We like the composing with the ‘Kitchen Syncopater’ and the ‘Dot Mixer’, not to mention the ‘hip hop’ dance moves. ‘This is cool!’


The New York Philharmonic Orchestra’s Kidzone
Highly interactive, the site allows the child to perform various activities and interact with a wide range of orchestral instruments.


LinkTV - World Music 'without borders'...


National Geographic - World Music


Morton Subotnick’s Creating Music
A collection of music games and activities aimed at primary-level students.


Jazz - PBS Kids
An interactive website to introduce kids to the history and characteristics of jazz music through games, activities, videos and articles.


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