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Sound Rights
A British site that has online lessons and activities to help students develop song-writing skills as well as how the music industry works.


Rock around the Bow shock
A Musical Encoding of Cluster Spacecraft sensor data as the 4 craft crisscross the Bow Shock region at the boundary of the Earth's magnetosphere and solar winds by the University of New Hampshire Experimental Space Plasma Group.

rock shock


Math, Mind, and Music
‘Math, Mind, and Music’ the schedule and resources of a 2005 course from Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany.


Radio Science Orchestra
a Theremin-led ensemble which included founder members composer/arranger Chris Elliott (Moulin Rouge!) and Andy Visser (ONL). Since then, the ensemble has given numerous performances – always promoting the Theremin - the World’s first and only truly Space Controlled instrument (ie. the only instrument to be played without physical contact, and not to be confused with Sound or Light beams) These events have included the Glastonbury Festival, with Moscow’s Lydia Kavina (inventor genius Leon Theremin’s great niece), a special live score for the first public showing of Ray Santilli’s notorious Alien Autopsy film, an interactive soundtrack for the Turner-nominated Superstructure With Satellites at the Tate Gallery, and a three month installation on London’s South Bank in 2004. SeeBruce Woolley's Radio Science Orchestra Myspace page.


Interactive Audio Links on the Web
What is striking here is the interactive interface. Huge and extensive set of links. Mind bogglingly brilliant with an emphasis on contemporary art music and the interface between visual art and music. O'Boyle describes it as "an interactive music video". Repertoire includes works by Phillip Glass Jean-Luc Lamarque, Jason Freeman, Vera Sylvia Bighetti, James Tindall


Music Fundamentals 1: Pitch and Major Scales and Keys


Understanding Basic Music Theory
An expanded version of "Introduction to Music Theory", this free online course includes a review of common notation and an introduction to the physics behind music theory, as well as the basic concepts of music theory and a few slightly advanced but very useful topics, such as transposition.


Music and Maths
An overview of some of the math concepts that are relevant to music. Includes suggestions for classroom activities for grades 3-7 that use music to illustrate a math concept, as well as reviews of the math necessary for older students to understand some music theory and acoustics.


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